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[TXT]agpl-3.0.txt2017-09-30 20:14 34K
[TXT]fdl-1.1.txt2017-09-30 20:15 18K
[TXT]fdl-1.2.txt2017-09-30 20:15 20K
[TXT]fdl-1.3.txt2022-02-10 19:14 22K
[TXT]gpl-1.0.txt2010-03-24 12:34 12K
[TXT]gpl-2.0.txt2010-03-24 12:34 18K
[TXT]gpl-3.0.txt2017-09-30 20:14 34K
[TXT]lgpl-2.0.txt2022-02-10 19:14 25K
[TXT]lgpl-2.1.txt2010-03-24 12:34 26K
[TXT]lgpl-3.0.txt2017-09-30 20:14 7.5K
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